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Development from VIVE to COSMOS

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Actually we have a development in unity using VIVE version 1 and we want to know if with the new COSMOS controllers are using the same input system as VIVE version 1 controllers.


We want to know if we can use the same software development for our VR application (development in VIVE version 1 ) or what kind o device we need to use as second option. 



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@nancy.albornoz@critertec.c - The input system differs from the original Vive wands as there are additional buttons and a joystick rather than a trackpad.

The best way to ensure you support Cosmos and other modern HMD's is to update to the current beta branch of the SteamVR plugin - it will easily allow you to generate native mapping for the Cosmos controllers via UI: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steamvr_unity_plugin/tree/beta. Currently this native support is only hosted in the beta branch. If you're unable to update your SteamVR plugin but are on a 2.x plugin version, you can also generate a manual binding file and include it alongside your binary - let me know if that applies to you and I can provide some guidance on how to do this.


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