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ViveSR Sample build doesnt work!..


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Hi developers!

I modified SRwork sample scene adding some objects and script.

Build was successful and It runs very well on Unity editor as I want without any error on Unity console.

But on .exe file SRwork doesnt work at all like below.

Even 2 examples in Build-Unity-\Plugin or \Experience show same.




I run that on 1050Ti (Pascal), i7-7700, and Windows 10.

They dont give any clue to solve problem.. need your help!


@Daniel_Y @Andy.YC_Wang

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35 minutes ago, Daniel_Y said:

If you intend to build standalone executable for your project incorporating AI.Vision module, you need to manually copy the deep learning models under /Assets/ViveSR/Plugins/model to $(YOUR_STANDADLONE_EXE)/Plugins/model.

Thx Daniel! After copying ViveSR\Plugins\Model folder in my own EXE's Plugins folder, It works very well.

I wonder why my build needs these files. I thought I didn't use any of AI.Vision function while modification. 😛

And problem on example build is done. I moved Vive_SRWorks.exe and Data folder to desktop.

I guess maybe some special symbols( such as + or _ ) disturbed it. Again really thx Daniel 🙂 

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