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I'm trying too display the HUD perfomance tool provided by the Wave VR SDK for my Unity project.


However, after installing wvr_settings.apk and wvr_performance_hud_setting.apk via the adb command.

The HUD never shows up when I execute the followig command 

adb shell setprop debug.wave.perfmonitor.mode 1


@Tony PH Lin @Cotta

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Effectivly, my project is using the SDK 3.0.2.

However, I can't update to version 3.1.0 or later since those release do not support Single Pass with Light Renderer Pipeline.

I tried with my 3.0.2 project and with wvr_settings.apk and wvr_performance_hud_setting.apk  from the 3.1.4, but that does'nt work.

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