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I'm trying too display the HUD perfomance tool provided by the Wave VR SDK for my Unity project.


However, after installing wvr_settings.apk and wvr_performance_hud_setting.apk via the adb command.

The HUD never shows up when I execute the followig command 

adb shell setprop debug.wave.perfmonitor.mode 1


@Tony PH Lin @Cotta

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Effectivly, my project is using the SDK 3.0.2.

However, I can't update to version 3.1.0 or later since those release do not support Single Pass with Light Renderer Pipeline.

I tried with my 3.0.2 project and with wvr_settings.apk and wvr_performance_hud_setting.apk  from the 3.1.4, but that does'nt work.

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Hi @Farode

This is not the way how it works. Only projects built with 3.1.0 or newer SDK can make use of Performance HUD.

We're sorry for the inconvenience about the Single Pass + LWRP compatibility issue. The team is working on it. Probably it will take some more time. However, sticking to 3.0.2 actually is not a solution. There was another bug in 3.0.2 makes Single Pass disabled with certain versions of Unity. We've fixed that in newer SDK. That's why you see it renders to both eyes with 3.0.2 and thought it was working. But actually it's in multi-pass.

So, for now the best suggestion we can give to you is upgrading to 3.1.4. So that you'll be able to use Performance HUD. There is still the known issue of Single Pass + LWRP but nothing worse than 3.0.2. You'll have to disable Single Pass temporally until we release the solution enabling Single Pass with LWRP.

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