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Eve Valkyrie Warzone connection issues


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Hey my friends. I decided to fire up this game after quite the layoff to play some pancake games. Also because its VR promotion time when the family comes over on Thursday. I remember this game firing up quickly and bring pretty painless, but now something just isn't right.

Firstly all the loading screens take forever. The progress bars seems to get to about 70% and then take forever before finishing out. So I end up waiting for 3 of those before I can even normally get to play. Finally no matter whether I choose single player skills or multiplayer I always end up with "Client Timed Out" after it finishes loading up the level. Naturally all of this smacks of network issues.

I reinstalled the game and have it on my primary M.2 SSD, so it should load plenty fast, which is why I suspect network issues. Naturally my internet connection is fine and strong 220/11 and the game is allowed through the firewall in both private and public networks.

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