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The Cosmos currently uses inside out tracking like Oculus Rift S and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) VR headsets.  It does not currently use external sensors like the original Vive or the current Vive Pro do (= base stations). Inside out tracking relies on cameras on the headset and sensors located on the controllers.   Maybe do a bit of Googling for more detailed explanations.  Also, you may not know it but is is bad practice to post using all capital letters.  This is taken the same as someone yelling, lol! 

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@AndyRog12 -

  • The Cosmos uses camera based inside out tracking to facilitate and easier setup and reduce the number of cables and other external devices required to get into VR.
  • The HMD has 6 onboard cameras in it's default configuration which track the position of the HMD and the controllers.
  • In Q1 2019 - we'll ship a first party modification that will enable you to remove the front cover of the Cosmos and replace it with a SteamVR sensor enabled faceplate so you can use 2.0 basestation tracking and controllers whenever you'd like. With that you can use two 1.0 stations to create a 4x4 meter high precision-tracking playspace or you can use upto 4 2.0 basestations to get upto 10x10m space.
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@Dickytwo -

Just for full transparency - the faceplate incorporates TS4231 sensors. That means you can use either SteamVR 1.0 base-stations and controllers, or 2.0 base-stations and controllers (including knuckles). The real key with base-station compatibility is that if you're using 2.0 stations, you need to ensure your controllers have the updated TS4231 sensors - for instance you can't use 2.0 stations with the controllers from the original Vive because the sensors on the original Vive controllers can't detect 2.0 signals (this is the main scenario you need to look out for).



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