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OMG, Cosmos works with my old gaming laptop


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Just for fun I thought I would try to install my Cosmos on my 2yo Alienware 17r4 gaming laptop (i7 7700hq 2.8/3.4Ghz, gtx1060 6gb, 32gb 2400 ram, 256mb ssd, 1 tb hdd).  All I needed extra was to borrow a friend's Oculus Rift S mini DP adapter that came with his Rift S and does not need to use since he uses a desktop.  Hard to believe that the much cheaper Oculus Rift S includes these for free but Vive doesn't.

Anyway, it installed fine once I got past the error in the setup when trying to pair my controllers.  The setup said to press the Vive button to pair but this did nothing.  Drilling down a bit I found I needed to press the Vive and an upper controller button and then it paired fine.

Actually works pretty well, much better than I expected.  Of course I need to lower graphics setting, including SS quite a bit compared to my i9 9900k/gtx1080ti desktop but overall it still works and looks great with most VR games (not so great with X-Plane 11 though).  Tracking with the latest beta still kinda sucks, lol!  At least now I will be able to monitor its progress.

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