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2020 Wave Developer Awards


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VIVEPORT Launches WAVE Developer Awards

Global VR developers eligible to win prizes worth a total value of CNY 1 million  


December 13, 2019, BEIJING – VIVEPORTTM, the global VR store and subscription service, announced the launch of the first WAVE Developer Awards (WDA). Global developers can submit their standalone VR apps, videos and games on Viveport WDA official website through March 10, 2020. Viveport aims to encourage and support outstanding worldwide VR developers/studios to create more quality standalone VR titles with a total value of CNY 1 million in cash and prizes.


The first WDA will set up two groups for three degrees of freedom (3DoF) and six degrees of freedom (6DoF), which has 8 awards in total. Categories include the Best Game (3DoF and 6DoF), the Best Application (3DoF and 6DoF), the Best Game Visual (3DoF), the Best Gameplay (3DoF), the Best Video (3DoF) and the Special Award of Rising Star for students.


Moreover, to increase the title’s reach and longevity, all WDA awarded entries will be published on Viveport automatically and included in Viveport Infinity content library, through which the quality titles are introduced to a new pool of consumers who are more active and curious to new content. Viveport Infinity is the world's first unlimited VR subscription service launched in April this year. The service gives its subscribers unrestricted access to hundreds of VR apps, games and videos, allowing them to discover their favorite titles.


The VIVE WAVE platform is an open platform and toolset that enables Viveport to cover a wide range of standalone VR devices, allowing developers to distribute their standalone titles to HTC VIVE, iQIYI QIYU VR, Pico, DPVR, Skyworth VR, Idealens and Shadow VR. As 60% of China’s standalone VR market share comes from devices pre-installed with Viveport, 80% of them are 3DoF devices. Therefore, Viveport developers are offered an accessible and efficient avenue to the majority of China’s standalone VR device users. In addition, these 3DoF devices have expanded to the Asian-Pacific region in 2019, and will continually expand to the global market in 2020.


According to the VR/AR market report released by IDC, from 2020, the VR market of China will enter a stage of rapid growth with the launch of a 5G network. And by 2023, the global shipment of standalone VR devices is expected to reach 22.33 million units, which is 8 times that of 2019. By then, China will have a market share of 30% in the global VR industry.


With Viveport’s prominence in the standalone VR market and over CNY 1 million in prizes, also the demand for 3DoF and 6DoF titles over the next few years is expected to continuously grow, now is the best time to become a Viveport developer. Alvin Wang Graylin, the China Regional President at HTC, said, “As the 5G ramp-up continues, standalone VR experience will quickly benefit from the integration of 5G. We believe developers that invest in standalone today will reap the benefits as the standalone market explodes.”

More opportunities for VR developers in the coming 5G era

Standalone VR will experience exponential growth in the coming 5G era as some of VR’s most common pain points, will be addressed by 5G’s features such as high bandwidth and low latency. HTC has been poised for the ensuing 5G era. At present, HTC has partnered with a host of global operators, including domestic operators, with the aim to promote the application of 5G+VR by leveraging the brand-new market brought by 5G. Operators’ layout for 5G will bring more standalone and hybrid mobile VR devices to more consumers.


The standalone VR industry will usher in a period of a huge growth in the 5G era, which is a golden opportunity for all the developers. The WDA held by HTC is not only a way to further enrich the Viveport standalone VR ecosystem, but also a stage for developers to show their capabilities. We believe that along with the boom of the VR industry, WDA will grow into one of the remarkable events in the standalone VR ecosystem.


For more details about applying for WDA, please log into www.viveport.com/wda2020.


VIVEPORT is a global VR platform, subscription service and store offering users engaging experiences in more than 60 countries, and developers a brand agnostic platform. With nearly 1,800 apps and games, VIVEPORT delivers content for a range of virtual reality headsets including PC, standalone, and mobile devices. VIVEPORT Infinity launched as the world's first unlimited and hardware agnostic VR subscription service and gives VR owners a way to discover hundreds of diverse entertainment offerings. For more on VIVEPORT, please visit: www.viveport.com



VIVE WAVE offers an open interface enabling interoperability between numerous all-in-one VR headsets and accessories, supporting mainstream game engines. This allows players with different VR devices easy access to your extraordinary content.

VIVE WAVE VR SDK works seamlessly with VIVEPORT, supporting VIVE Focus and multiple VR devices. The simplified cross-platform support maximizes your consumer reach, creating endless possibilities of revenue. For more on VIVE WAVE, please visit: https://developer.vive.com/resources/mobile-vr/

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