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Have any of you had the opportunity to play/experience vivecraft yet? I have to say I was absolutely amazed/blown away by it. Like anything prior with games, or VR etc, I've watched demos and seen what it was and what it was like, but WOW, it really is nothing until you truly experience it. It really brings minecraft itself to an entirely new level. To have all the items lifelike in real size in your hands and in front of you is amazing. I just had the opportunity to play multiple with two others, the three of us all running vivecraft. This was just running as-is with no texture packs or add-ons other than vivecraft itself. I can't even imagine what it would be like with shaders and high end texture packs on. Definitely a must try for any minecrafters out there.

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yes! I have indeed tried VIVECraft, and it is amazing indeed. I joined a server where the only requirements is to have the VR add-ons, so even if you don't have a VIVE, you can see what those with a VIVE on, and what they are doing. I was so amazed, I did a two & a half hour session, a little long to be in VR in one go, and I never actually built anything, I just explored! A must try for VIVE and MineCraft folks!

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Tried this the other day.  When I had a DK2 I tested out Minecraft and was blown away at the full scale of how big things are in this game.  Now with the vive and the motion controllers it brings the game to a whole new level, so much better.


One thing to note, I was getting lots of java issues running the game.  For me atleast the main culprets where the installation of the both the x86 and x64 versions of java (download the standalone releases).  These fixed all my problems and allowed the game to launch.

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