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Vive Cosmos offload discounts are starting. What a mug I was for pre-ordering.


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I've noticed on Amazon the Cosmos is now selling for £599. And I've seen reports some online stores in Europe are discounting by up to 42%.

Feel so mugged off with pre-ordering this. And still no acceptable tracking update. HTC, I don't accept the 'all VR headsets have problems on launch' excuse now. We are now nearly 4 months in and it's not looking good based on stores beginning to offload stock because you can't get your proverbial together.

Sort this mess out.

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I hope, at the very least, they continue to support the product with more updates (including significant tracking updates).

If they wanted to add insult to injury to us "early adopters", HTC would consider tracking "good enough" and for the "newly adjusted" price.

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