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Good afternoon
I am new to development.
I have a very interesting question on developing a desktop lock with glasses.
About what I want.
1) When exiting the game with glasses (vive, pro, cosmos), he must go to the desktop mode.
2) The user cannot control this table. That is, when he leaves the game, he can no longer control the desktop with glasses.
3) But if you start the game from the computer (steamVR), then it will start the game with glasses. And it will cry.
1) What programming language to use?
2) Are there any ready-made methods?
3) How to implement it at all?

I'll be very thankful.
I apologize for my English, as I use Google translator
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@Sweet - Unfortunately I'm not able to understand this translation.  Are you trying to develop some sort of virtual desktop application? With #2 it sounds like you're saying that when a person exits the application, OpenVR is also closing preventing you from accessing the desktop dashboard? I'm not really sure.

Generally speaking - when working with OpenVR - you need to refer to their API documenation https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/API-Documentation. It's all C++ and within these API's there's a number of different ways to launch or close applications or SteamVR itself. For instance, below is how to trigger a compositor shutdown via an HMD driver:


VREvent_Reserved_t data = { 0, 0 };
vr::VRServerDriverHost()->VendorSpecificEvent(m_unObjectId, vr::VREvent_DriverRequestedQuit, (VREvent_Data_t&)data, 0);


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