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I have a problem that started last week, everything is fine in origin, then when I start a game the FPS drops to like 1 and the screen just jerks up and down and it is unplayable. audio however is normal.

Before last week it was running fine, and my oculus rift S also runs fine.

I have a i7 8700, RTX 2080 super and 16gb ram.

ANy ideas?



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@Kovatch This is unfortunately one of the harder types of problems to troubleshoot as it could be due to a SteamVR update, a GPU update, a windows update, or it could be related to something much deeper in your PC. If you share a SteamVR log, I can take a look to see if anything stands out. Do SteamVR apps when played in the Rift S have the same FPS drop (using SteamVR, not the Oculus-native runtime)?

Generally in these cases it may be helpful to:

  • Roll-back your GPU driver a few versions
  • Reinstall SteamVR
  • Adjusting SteamVR's video settings to see if enabling/disabling features like motion smoothing affect the behavior
  • Reinstall Windows ***nuclear option***
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Ok so I figured this out, and while it only started with the recent vive console update, it is intelligent standby list cleaner that I use to clear my memory that was causing it. Not sure why this is a recent thing but everything was running fine with it off. and running like crap with the cosmos with it on.  Everything else including the oculus is ok with it on.  

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@all user's

I been in IT for most of my employment what I have done in the past when someone tells me a clean windows install will solve the problem. First I don't believe them second is if I have to do it. I always image my system disk before doing any clean installs reinstalling programs could take hours. So before you wipe your system disk for a fresh window install to try something always image it.

Below is a link for free imaging software this is a must for every user.



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