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Vive cosmos green coloured spots appearing on screen


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Hi all,

I have had my cosmos since launch and in the last week or so it has started developing a problem where the screen is filled with small dot like green spots that flicker while the headset is turned on,sometimes it gets really bad where it will fill up most of the screen and sometimes abit less.

It is really apparent when there is any sort of dark scene,though it is still there on light images but harder to see,I have attached an image of what it looks like.

I have tried the latest stable and beta firmware,reinstalled software and tried it on 2 different PC,and it's all the same.

i have contacted support and they say it might not be faulty and within spec,but since launch the screen has been fine.

has anyone else had a similar issue occured to their cosmos ?



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1 hour ago, hamez88 said:

i wonder if its to do with the headset cable going to the link box. Mine seems to twist and curl quite a bit and im worried about the wires on the inside

Pretty hard to say.  Mine does not do this nor do I have any twist in my headset to link box cable.  Maybe ask Vive support to send you another cable to try.  Either that or request an RMA which will probably require you to ship your Cosmos back to them for inspection.  Good luck mate.

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