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On 4/22/2020 at 1:24 AM, Beta_Tester said:

I have to disagree. I've had the Cosmos since December and found the tracking pretty appalling at that stage (having come from lighthouse tracking). I was in 2 minds whether to return my HMD, but I persisted.

The situation has improved so much since then. I find the tracking so much better now, and every release (bar one a couple of months ago) brings further tracking improvements. It will never be as good as the external tracking systems, but it is getting there.

I can play Beat Saber at full speed now, and very rarely does it loose sync - when I bought the headset I simply avoided Beat Saber after the first play.

For most of the games, no worries, yes.

But the FPS with the hand under the helmet to aim the controller and in a blind spot of the helmet.
This is a hardware problem that no update will be able to fix.
That's why they released the Elite version.

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