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Rigid Reconstruction causes Unity crash


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I've been trying for the past 2 days to run the SRWorks sample using a multitude of Unity versions and SteamVR SDKs.

Every time, whenever I play the Sample scene in the Editor with "Enable Reconstruction Module" ticked, Unity crashes after the first 2 or 3 frames. I'm attaching my editor log if anyone wants to take a look.


Is there a solution to this ? By the way, it seems this SDK hasn't received an update for a long time, is it discontinued ?


Thanks 🙂


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Ok, I just tried the Experience Unity build demo and I get the same crash and same kind of log when I start both the Experience and Plugin builds.

I attached the Plugin version log here. I also notice a new log : Reconstruction.log which says "Reconstruction Engine Init Failed Due to Exception: 19". I'll investigate this.

By the way, I'm using a GeForce GTX 780 Ti with an Intel i7-4790 and 24 Go RAM installed. Maybe my graphics card architecture is incompatible ?

SRWorks.log output_log.txt Reconstruction.log


EDIT : Ok, found out in this post my graphics card isn't compatible. Yeay.

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