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Cosmos for movies


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Hello, i have questions about the cosmos for movies. maybe its gonna be silly one, but still, i would love for some answers.

1. I read that there is a tracking issues with the cosmos (i guess that HTC is updated the cosmos and probably this issue is becoming not an issue), but still, if there is a tracking issue, it will effect only in games, right?

2. Lightning issues, if I have a really dark room, it won't effect the movies, right? again, like the tracking problems, this is only for dark games like horror games, right?

3. "Screen door effect", In the Cosmos, its really not noticeable? again, for movies.

4. What happen if my room is not big enough? I know that before you can play games, you need to setup your room. what happens if i found out that my room is not bright enough or big enough? i can't skip that and watch movies?

Thanks for helping


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If your only concern is about watching movies but not shooting games, Cosmos is excellent. I have tried to use BigScreen to watch a movie and it's like a personal IMAX which is super great.

Things you might need to worry about:

1. The sweet spot is quite narrow and you might need some time to find the perfect way to wear the headset. But once you get used to it, this won't be a big problem.

2. You might find some light leak coming from your ceiling light which ruins your immersion. But it is fixable by placing some cloth to block the gap.

3. You don't need much space if you set it to seated gaming to skip setting the boarder.

4. Room brightness is less of a concern now. In a dark room the tracking might stop working (so the hands won't move), but there won't be a pop-up or any warning to block you from watching the movies.

5. Screen door effect - I don't have any comment for that. You have to experience yourself.


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