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HTC Vive Base station tracking


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So, i have a problem where one of my base stations starts showing a blue light. It started a few days ago, i heard that the station started to sound loud, i then saw that it had a blue light instead of green. So i decided to turn it off during the night and look at it the day after. After starting it up again i saw that the light was green again and thought that it might have been a bug or something. Fast forward a few minutes of me playing a game and noticing that when i turn towards the malfunctioning base station i lose all the visual of the game like i am out of bounds. I notice that the light is blue yet again. Both are attached to the wall but only one is having this problem. I have tried to screw it tighter to make sure it wont move (which i cant by now) and the problem still appears after a few minutes of playing after restarting it


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@Ara-Arex That one station in particularly is likely experiencing mechanical issues. If you can actually hear it making noises, it likely needs physical repair. You can confirm by powering off your second base-station and then putting the station in question into mode A via the button on the back (being careful not the disturb the station too much while it's spinning). Channel A will force it into single channel mode and you can test the tracking stability off that single station.

That said, if you hear it, it's most likely a bad motor or a detected lens on one of the laser apertures. You'd likely have to create a support ticket and RMA the device via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us. If the device is within the warranty period for your country and specific device, the repair may be covered under warranty.

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