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Audios codec on HTC Vive


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I am working in Research and Development in a french company called Kaa Production.


In order to develop/create sound 3D sound in 360 videos with your product HTC Vive, I am trying to know which audios codecs are used by your device.


Thank you for helping us in our research.


Kind Regards


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Hello Stephen, 


I also have the same question. I looked at the links you provided and it doesn't help much. As far as I understand the audio codec is app specific, is that correct? It can be any codec and it's up to the app developer? Or is it a standard format for the whole platform? As an example all Google devices (cardboard, Daydream, YouTube360) use 1st order Ambisonics. This page is very clear about what codec they use, is there any similar resource for Vive?

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I think I may have gotten myself confused on this question. :)


The actual audio coming into the Vive is via your PC, so you're free to use whatever codec you want in an app. Not being a developer myself, here's where I have to rely on the wisdom of others, but there's a variety of different ways to encode sound in apps, etc to make sure they play back correctly in the 3D virtual space you're creating in an app. For example, here's how you do it within Unity.


Essentially, you're free to use whatever solution you like to create audio and output it for VR.

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