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Casting unreliable on Focus+


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Dear HTC

I am trying here as i now have tried 3 times through your advantage program without any response on the matter from Lisa. 

We are a development company in EU, primarily developing for Vive and Vive Focus+

the casting is still very unreliable and exact as other have mentioned back from September 2019 and onwards. 

The casting to MiraCast doesn't work on all devices and are very buggy.
I could cast to PC, Win10 the first 2 times and after a software update from VIVE the casting to PC wont work, and casting to anything else than Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter wont work. 

We have tested 17 different HTC Vive Focus+ with the danish government over the past year and all with the same result, so no its not a issue in 1 headset but a software issue. 

I am, while writing, sitting at my pc, with the Vive Focus+ headset next to me, on the same 5GhZ internet and can see the PC name in casting on HTC Vive Focus+ but when connecting it crasches and cannot connect.  So the statement that it works for Pc is not correct. It wokrks for Pc 20% of the time and for casting to a dongle 80% of the time. (Based on 1 year of daily usage with the Danish government, conferences, event and presentaitons)
It is very unreliable as we not have been to events and conferences with it all working and next day no casting, with same setup and not changes from prior day.

Please please please fix the casting, its a standard format as you HTC mention yourself in your documentation and should work 100% as in any other product on the market.

The headset is sadly unusable without casting when developing and using with patients and governmental rehabilitation, as the staff need to monitor the patient when training.

- Best VR Rehab 

@Tony PH Lin @Cotta


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On 1/14/2020 at 6:05 PM, JustinVive said:

@VRRehab I replied to you in your other thread, but haven't heard back yet.

I'd like to help you solve this issue with casting.  I'll give general guidance first and then have some specific questions for you below:

 You might have already seen this, but please take another look at this guide for projecting the Focus Plus to an external device via Miracast.   It is very important to note that 

VIVE Focus Plus only supports projecting to a 5GHz band Miracast device. To find out if your Miracast device supports the 5GHz band, look up your Miracast device's model on the manufacturer’s website or check its user guide.

     In good news, since you've had the casting working before, then it should work again. 

  Some questions:

1.) Do you see a popup on your external monitor asking for permission for the Focus or Focus Plus to connect? See - ConnectFocustoProjectPopup.jpg 

    2.) What is the behavior that you see on the external monitor after you click Connect (to external device) in the Focus Plus?  Do you see anything on the external monitor such as a blue screen that says Focus is About to Project (see image)? 

    3.) What is the brand and model name of the dongle or the wireless card of the target device (external monitor)? 







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On 1/17/2020 at 1:49 PM, JustinVive said:



Hi @JustinVive


Sorry for the late response, were out of the county for conferences. 


We use Windows Wireless Display and i have no issue casting to these devices, and we are ofc using 5GHz and following the instructions.

When casting to a PC (Windows10 - We have tried with 6 differenct pc's now on different networks.) We cannot, Vive Focus plus can see the name of the pc and when i press cast it 10% of time shows the Allow Focus to connect, and when pressing yes the blue casting opens but disconnects after 5-10 seconds. Furthermore 90% of the time when pressing connect in the headset i do not get any response on the Pc at all. As mentioned we have tried differenct pc's with same result, differenct networks and also resetting the pc's and ensuring the casing is enabled as mentioned in settings. 

I seems like it can find the devices to cast to but some error on the protocol stops the connection and crashing the casting app on the HTC vive focus plus (black screen and shuts down the casting app)

I cannot show screenshots as i cannot cast 


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