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How to fix the issue related to Binding settings for VIVE Trackers?

Diamond Vu

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Dear Technical Support Team,

Currently, I am facing the issue that related to Binding settings for VIVE Trackers. When I make an application on my PC , I set up and save the binding setting for Vive Tracker  as the figure below then it is working.

But when I run this application on other PCs then the pose of Vive tracker is rotated 180 degree. If I re-set up the binding setting again and save it on the PC then it will be working only one time. If I re-start the application and run again then the issue will be happened again.

So,  could you tell me the solution to fix this issue?

Thank you so much!

Best Regards,



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@Diamond Vu - This is unfortunately a bit tricky as that specific UI/system is entirely a Valve managed system, it's not one of our products. I'd recommend also creating a support post or ticket with Valve as that's technically their layer of the tech stack.

In the newer versions of SteamVR, the UI you're screen-shooting has been depreciated as a legacy binding UI - they have a new in HMD controller binding UI that's likely more stable. Is the issue reproducible with the newer in-HMD UI? That older UI had it's share of bugs.

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