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Vive pro camera’s spec


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@TomCgcmfc - The quality is a combination of a lot of factors - but mainly your taking a lower resolution image and spreading it across a high resolution panel that's directly next to your eye. You can't exactly just go and stick high res cameras on the front and call it a day - supporting high resolution sensors requires you to add a bunch of extra camera processing circuitry to the HMD (dramatically increasing raw costs) and after the fact you have to get the data back to the PC and rendered as quickly as possible. Consumer pass-through at this stage is mostly a convenience feature that keeps you from removing the headset and happens to help developers prototype MR ideas (on some HMDs), it's simply not designed to be a crazy high fidelity experience on the consumer level quite yet.

Professional HMD's that are specifically targeting pass-through  like Varjo's HMDs (which run $5,000 +) are able to support higher quality pass-through for a few reasons. What primarily drives it is that they're using eye tracking to only send back high resolution data on the part of the camera feed you're looking at because otherwise it's simply too much data to pipe back RAW. Even with foveation, they still need to tether the HMD using a custom fiber optic cable ($$$) in order to get support the bandwidth levels fast enough to get the data back to the PC, process, and then rendered back out to the headset without significant latency.

We'll get there on the consumer side sooner than later but there are some pretty solid reasons why pass-through is at it's current quality level across consumer options.

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