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Judder occurs during movie playback with VIVE focus


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I am developing a Vive Focus app with Unity.
The app plays 360 degree videos and displays subtitles in space.
It uses AV Pro Video to play 4K video and Text Mesh Pro to display subtitles.

There is one problem, and if I move my head while watching the subtitles, a judder occurs.
The app runs at 75 fps.

I thought that using WVR Overlay would prevent the judder.
I tried it with things like "Interop_overlay.WVR_GenOverlay(ref_overlayId);" but I got a "DllNotFoundException:wvr_api" error and couldn't use it.

Is there any way to stop the judder?


This is my development environment.

・Unity 2018.4.14f1
・Wave SDK v3.1.4 Unity
・VIVE Focus ver. 2.04.1400.2



@Cotta @JustinVive @Tony PH Lin

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