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Is it possible to Combine Vive with Matterport Technology?


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@AudiEditor Depends on what you're trying to do.

Matterport is a proprietary workflow and format - they're trying to offer a very specific UX solution alongside their hardware solution. It's not really producing the same type of generic 3D data you'd normally use in a generic VR/3D workflow. It looks like their web browser is WebVR enabled so you should be able to use their viewer with the Vive - that's about the extent of what their data currently provides in terms of native VR. Matterport does a very specific thing.

If you're trying to bring the data into a game engine so peeople can walk around the spaces in 6DoF VR and or use them as standard assets in any sort of more interactive VR/3D project - you're going to want to follow a more traditional photogrammetric or scan based workflow potentially leveraging a less proprietary 3D scanner depending on your quality requirements and budget. Here are a few examples of these workflows - if you're trying to do stuff like this, Matterport isn't the correct workflow.

Most of us use Reality Capture for processing this type of data nowadays.

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