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What games do you recommend buying?


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Im not buying a vive just yet, but if I don't get one for christmas coming up I do plan on getting one right after with a pay bonus I get. Just curious as I have only played job simulator and audioshield on the vive before. What games should I get that is worth buying and why?

Sorry if this has been posted before and I sound like a broken record of other peoples posts :P

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I guess thats what this forum is here for to answer these questions. A lot of people will of got the Vive in Black Friday sales a lot more at xmas so its goingto keep coming up.
This is what i suggest that you must have in your VR collection. 

Rec Room: Why Because its Free, Its social and its tons of Fun. you wont find a more social game in VR. 

The Lab: Why because its Free, Lots of Polished mini games and exploring to do also great to show off with for Demo's the welcome set up normally gets people on how amazing VR is then put them into a game and watch the smiles.

Google Earth: Why because its Free, Who does not want to be superman and fly around the world? This was my game/App of november took VR to new levels. 

Onward: Why Because you get to shoot people. The movement controls in this are great you really do feel like your in a war zone and the guns are very real. 

Hot Squat: Why because everyone wants a tighter ass. 

Hope that helps you.

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I would add

Tilt Brush - even if you're not all that artistic

The Assembly - since they added touch control support

PoolNation - a very good pool simulation

The Solus Project

Elite Dangerous - if you like space based big universe economics driven games

A Chair in a Room - psychological thriller

Budget Cuts - it's free and it's a lot of fun.

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Its a short experience, but I would definitely try "Waltz of the Wizards".  Its a lot of fun! 


Quanero is also a short experience, but it gives some interesting insights as to what is possible within VR.  


For video player software, I recommend "Simple VR Video Player". 


For chatting and game playing, Altspace can be a lot of fun. .



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I haven't tried "all" the Vive-games yet, but I have some recommendations so far.


Redout: If you like fast paced sci-fi racing like F-Zero and Wipeout Fusion, it's much fun. The graphics are good, and there is a lvl'ing system with currency which you can buy new vehicles etc.


Elite: Dangerous: If you want to try out a space-simulator, this is a really good game. The learning curve is kind of steep (I'm quite new to the game myself), but so far it seems like a huge and immersive game in which you can spend hours exploring and doing quests.


The Solus Project: Been playing this game for some hours, and I have to say that this is a great VR experience. It's an open world survival game with a story, so you're free to explore the beautiful environments in VR. 

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