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Does Focus plus support architectural visualization software


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Hello ,

We are a architectural firm , and we want to Visualization designs by using HTC htc focus plus.

The software used is twimotion / 3d max interactive / enscape.

Does htc focus plus support these softwares?

Also, How to operation ?

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@teachung - These all have basic desktop VR workflows but their level of support greatly varies. At the end of the day, things like archviz are very demanding desktop VR applications and not something you'd see running natively on current standalone headsets.

None of these software options are supported natively on any mobile headset from any manufacturer (i.e. Vive Focus). To boot, you actually need a really powerful workstation to render VR in these applications just by pure virtue of having to also dedicate resources just to launching the 3D authoring tool.

Your best choice is to use a desktop VR headset (I.e. Vive Pro) to drive Twinmotion and Escapen3D.  You could theoretically leverage our beta "Viveport streaming" feature which can create a WiFi bridge between a Focus Plus and SteamVR but realistically it's a beta-feature that's designed primarily for use with Viveport store titles and it's not going to be as robust or reliable as simply using a proper desktop headset. A desktop headset will give you the best framerate, resolution, and by far the greatest range of support as only a handful of applications overall have true native support for standalone HMDs currently.

Hope this helps,

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I know HTC have a VIVEPORT store .

Can I upload a Twinmotion project to VIVEPORT store ?

I  want to just send a htc focus plus to client , than client through VIVEPORT store view my Twinmotion VR project .

p.s. my client don't have a VR ready PC.

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@teachung -

  • As far as I can tell, Twinmotion only has Desktop VR support (as demonstrated in this video). Archviz is very computationally intensive - you'd basically need to ship a desktop driven VR headset as well as a laptop or desktop PC in order to drive the HMD at this point.
  • It looks like Twimmotion can render out 360 videos. You could theoretically render out a 360 video and then develop a simple application to play the 360 video on the Focus using something like Kiosk mode to boot into the application automatically. That's about the limit of what you're going to be able to accomplish with Twinmotion on a mobile HMD - it's otherwise simply a desktop use-case due to the high performance requirements.
  • You'd need a PC to power the experience - even if you were to try and use some of the more recent and experimental ways to hybridize mobile HMDs and desktop content. It's a computing power limitation.
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19 minutes ago, teachung1 said:

As i know focus Plus no need tethered PC.

Source from HTC website.



why I need a PC to power the experience ?

Each contend is different, some can be process by Focus it’s own chips(only as powerful as a Android phone) some contend need to be process by powerful Vr PC. Vive Focus plus is equivalent to Oculus quest, so you can see why Facebook will launch a cable link for Quest to access rich PCVR content. 


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