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Any hope of a Monoscopic product?


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I'm sadly, one of the genetically inferior humans who can't seem to use VR headsets due to the 3d/stereoscopic video causing devastating headaches.  (3d movies at the theaters do this as well)  It's particularly painful as VR is something I've wanted to play with since childhood.  Is there any hope of a monoscopic product from HTC?  If I could strap a tiny 4k monitor to my face and have it track my head, I'd be in heaven.   

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@mem5000 - For the most part, anything you hear or see from us in the near future will be stereoscopic and 6DoF.  Typically, the types of HMDs you're describing are called Personal Cinemas or Personal Viewers and they've historically not been very commercially successful but early products were heavily limited by the displays that were available. Their limited success means that not alot of companies create these kinds of products but they do exist.

On the developer side, you can actually disable stereoscopic in your project if you really needed to - it's just not something you can do as an end-user without the source project.

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