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Power of this desktop?


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It's probably too late since your post was a month ago and you said you already had your parts, but I'm just curious that you've got two speeds of memory mixed and also, if the mobo supports 64GB why not load it up with 4x16 of the 2400s? Trying to save $50? I doubt it.


I just had one of that exact same PSU blow up on me, only three months old. When I went to get a replacement, the guy at Micro Center said they had a lot of bad results on that exact model Corsair. I had no problem getting an RMA from Corsair, however I was not happy to find that the USPS would charge me over $25 to return the 6 lb 14.4 oz box to CA, with no insurance or anything That was their cheapest option. $25 to return a $75 PSU, jeesh. I had another Corsair 650 in  a different machine blow up on me a few months ago but it was 4 or 5 years old and I leave mine up all the time so that one reached a legitimate end of life, IMHO.


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I just figure, you're building a $1600 PC, who you foolin' trying to save $50?

I've always been kind of disappointed in Windows anyway, in regard to resource utilization. I've got 16GB on mine and probably (until this VR which I just bought a week ago) the most resource intensive thing I do is running VMWare with a couple of virtual machines up plus the host OS, and really I never see Windows wanting to use all the memory anyway. When I look in Task Manager and see the swap file in use and all the physical memory is not being used, it makes me wonder why are we using virtual memory at all when there is still physical memory available? Note, that's Windows 7, perhaps 10 has tweaked its memory management. Not to get sidetracked.


On your config, I questioned the presence of 2133 and 2400 memory. I think that a lot of motherboards would be forced to run at the 2133 speed, though I can't speak for yours specifically and I'm not 100% sure that would apply. I am sure you need to make sure that your 2133s are paired together and your 2400s are paired together in their DIMM slots or it will prevent it from using dual-channel mode. I also see this in your mobo doc page 1-11, "Always install DIMMs with the same CAS latency".


But you know another thought that comes to mind? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Your up & running. PC happy. Patbu13 happy. VR happy. Why even mess around?


Good luck, whatever you decide.



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