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Help with 360 degrees pictures


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Dear people,
For a school project we are working on loading 360 degree content into an HTC vive which this content also can be edited.

In other words, there is a client which is concerned with the dyeing of houses (Inside walls). Now this client wants its customers to step into their own houses by an VR goggles (HTC vive). They see an 360 degree content of their house is where it's possible to paint their own walls.

However, I have no idea where to start and I'm looking for input from you guys!

I hope you can help me out with this awsome project! Thanks in advance people!

with kind regards,


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Maybe use unity for this? If I can recall unity are releasing something for the vive tommorow so you might to look into that.


Maybe have a sphere and texure it then have it manipulate the texture to change the walls. I have only just loading unity once and no coding knowledge so this is just a step in the dark, good luck!

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I am not sure to what extend their editing capabilities extend...but you can try








Its also possible that TiltBrush or Paint VR might be useful...


The problem is, your video has to be volumetric..  Other wish most images/videos are basically a roller coaster ride where you can tour through, but not really interact with or affect anything..

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