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Hi guys, I recently bought a vive pro headset and original htc vive + controllers & base stations. I'm trying to set them up but i'm having some issues and i'm not sure if it's something that requires a patch or if the units are faulty.


When you turn on the htc vive pro is it normal for the vision to be too wonky to see what's going on? The best description I can think of is that it's like two photos, one showing what each eye sees and instead of being next to each other they pverlap massivly. The computer recognises it, steam vr picks it up along with the base stations and controllers (all v1.0) but I can't see clearly.

For the htc vive, It turns on, the pc and steam vr recognise the headset but there's no image on either lense, it's just black. I've seen light occasionally from the eye lenses but it goes out before I can put the headset on.

Has anyone experienced anything like either issue? Does anyone know how to fix them or at least how to identify the problem?

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@sprint Is it actually booting into SteamVR or is windows treating your headset like an extended display. I'd recommend not booting your PC with the HMD attached and researching "Extended" and "Direct" display modes in the context of VR. It sounds like you're PC is connecting to the HMD in extended mode rather than Direct mode - getting that sorted kinda varies PC by PC.

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