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Massive VR market possibility?


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I was doing a lot of reading this morning on the new personal assistant/robotic companion technology that started releasing this year and is going full on robotics in your home next year (the Echo, Cubic, and coming soon Aido, JIBO, etc) and was thinking about how awesome it would be to have an AI companion program for the HTC Vive!  It could meet all the assistant/companion components the physical tech that's coming out will aim to hit (heuristic learning, conversation with the user back and forth, scheduling, reminders, etc) but totally bypasses the logistics and expenses of having to manufacture robotic components. 


The program could work entirely in VR, synch to your phone via blue tooth, and function with other blue tooth items through the VTC much like the home robotic assistants are aiming to do (lights, coffee makers, etc) all ran through the VR headset, as well as providing a moving, interactive 3D customizable/tailored Virtual companion/assistant.  Hell, it might even be able to play in multiplayer games with you, like a second player on your team to play things like HordeZ, VR minigolf, etc?  The possibilities are massive, and I can only imagine the market for this kind of thing would be huge.   Nobody's really touching this yet it seems like in VR, and it seems like a big ol' "no brainer" hit that'd be far easier to accomplish in Virtual space than in the physical realm, as well as being far more expressive and realistic/life like in VR than we're going to get for house hold grade physical representations in the home. 


Thoughts?  Developers?  Anyone want to get rich?  >.>

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