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GPU most used in VR statistics

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@davide445 - Having worked closely with alot of developers on optimization - I think across the board everybody thinks VRWorks and VRS is worthwhile and you can use VRS to drive foveated rendering which can net you ~60% perf win and extremely sharp center clarity which can actually have a much higher cost/perf gain ratio than going from say an RTX2080 to a 2080Ti.

The VRSS stuff is really slick.

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@VibrantNebula needing to specify: useful for our needs.

We are not creating games but simulations for the industry and also not for military usage. So far I didn't encounter so many performance troubles nor the appearance it's the major selling point (even if need to be at a certain level to please the customer) thus not needing high SS, but this will probably change in the future, in the meantime I hope the engine will incorporate all what is needed to solve them so to avoid customization we will need to maintain from project to project and engine release.

The cloud VR topic it's completely different and this will need all the possible optimizations, but after discussing with research institutions in three countries, HPC vendors providing top500 solutions, two 5G network providers on both the side of Atlantic, both GPU vendors, software and hardware ultra low latency encoding experts, searching for any possible expert on edge computing topic I think this activity will shift in exploration and learning mode, since in my personal idea there is a push from the big names behind the scenes on the topic and little interest into helping third parties efforts.

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