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Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate Review

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The good stuff starts at 5:14

Essentially they are using predictive algorithms to track your motions with inside out. 

The two guys in look really uncomfortable during the interview, as if they know that they have screwed up releasing this product to market. 

Save up for your face plate and base stations people. 



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8 hours ago, Beta_Tester said:

I'll take a look later on today. To be fair to HTC, they have to use predictive algorithms as there is no way the cameras can possibly see the controllers under all conditions. It's one of the shortfalls of inside out tracking.

Every inside out VR tracking system uses machine learning and there's ML baked into SteamVR tracking as well.  Beyond just the line of sight issue - there's ML for sensor fusion with the IMUs and there's also some ML at play to try and keep the input delay as small as possible.

I personally think ML is going to be one of the biggest drivers for VR tech in the coming years - it's so incredibly powerful when deployed correctly but with that potential for huge gain comes the potential for abuse and the erosion of privacy.

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