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Wrapper based DRM vs. DRM SDK


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Here are a few questions concerning DRM:


What are the benefits of using the DRM SDK vs. the Wrapper based DRM?

Could you give a description of the Wrapper based DRM process?

Is the wrapper applied by HTC Viveport after binary submission or should it be applied by the developer?





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Hi Kjartan,


Both options can protect your content from unauthorized copying and distribution. For SDK DRM, you will need to integrate the Vive SDK DRM in your content by yourself.


As to the wrapper based DRM, Viveport will add the wrapper for you after you submit your content at the developer console. After applying the wrapper, we will test your title again to make sure it's executable.


Thanks for your question!

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What are the benefits of using the SDK method as compared the wrapper based solution?



There is no difference between the SDK method and the wrapper based solution regarding DRM protection. We are now planning to add more features besides DRM into our Vive SDK. If you integrate Vive SDK into your app, you will have more features supported in the future. 




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