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360 video Player of resolution 3840 x 3840 pixels on the HTC VIVE Focus headset


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I want to develop a stereoscopic 360 video player (HIGH LOW), but I have a problem with VIVE Focus.

I have developed the 360 video player in Unity with this example:


https://unity3d.college/2017/07/31/how-to-play-stereoscopic-3d-360-video-in-vr-with-unity3d/ And it works very well in the Oculus Quest helmets with a resolution of 3840 x 3840 pixels , but when installed in the HTC VIVE Focus helmets, the player does not support 3840 x 3840 pixels videos. It only supports 2160 x 2160 pixels resolution.

I wanted to know if it is possible to have this possibility in VIVE Focus. If there is a plugin or something that makes it possible to read videos 360 stereoscopic, (HIGH LOW) player that supports 3840 x 3840 pixels on the HTC VIVE Focus headset?

Thankyou very much,

Andres Duarte

@Cotta @Tony PH Lin

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Hi @FlyView

VIVE Focus with the latest System Upgrade is able to playback stereoscopic 360 video of 3840 x 3840 resolution. Would you check if the device is upgrated correctly? The ROM version higher than 1.69.623.6 includes this capability.

Besides resolution, there could be other encoding parameters that impact video playback. Would you provide a short video clip to us if you've confirmed the ROM version but still find it cannot playback normally on VIVE Focus (while it plays well on other VR device)? We'll have the engineering team to investigate. Please share it to me by private message, or if the file size is large, provide a web disc download link. Thank you!

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