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SDK Unreal Engine 4.23


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We have a project made with Unreal Engine 4.23 and we want to run it on Vive Focus. Unfortunately current SDK only supports 4.22, so we tried to fix the sources ourselves. We've managed to build 4.23 project for Vive Focus, however we are getting crashes from time to time. In our understanding it has something to do with rendering code since Unreal fails to set EGL context. (see logs)
Are there any plans to release 4.23/4.24 support soon? If not could you tell us what we are missing?

All the diffs and a log file attached.











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Hi @Impulse-machine

We will have UE 4.23 and 4.24 support for Wave SDK but the target schedule is yet to be confirmed. You may try the below hotfix at current stage for UE 4.23.

1) Find this file: <GameProject>/Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WaveVR/WaveVR_UPL.xml

2) Change the function name as the screenshot shows:


It is to make Wave VR runs correctly since UE 4.23 changes the function name,

There could be other compatibility issues you'll need to handle. But it should at least help you to start using Wave SDK with UE 4.23.

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