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Vive behaving strangely after firmware updates


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Hi all, as the title says, since the latest firmware updates (I installed them 2 or 3 days ago) my Vive has been acting strangely. Whilst standing or sitting perfectly still the view seems to jump to the left then the right like its juddering but these amounts of movement are so small it definitely isn't that. The big problem, is these tiny movements are enough to make me feel incredibly ill just whilst standing in the starting area looking for a game to play, and the feeling comes on very quickly - normal motion sickness for me takes a good 10 - 15 minutes to become unbearable but this is happening within 10 seconds or less. 


Is there anyway to revert back to the previous Firmware as I can't use my vive whilst it is like this ? 


The headset and the wall mounted sensors were updated, and now also the sensors will not go into sleep mode at all. If I can't go back how long am I looking at before getting a patch to address these issues ?

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Well don't I feel daft ........... The movement issue was caused by.....wait for it......a frikking dangly Christmas decoration, just one more reason to dislike this time of year :P 

And also the sensors now appear to go to sleep aswell ????


I am so confused right now.


Feel free to delete this Rockjaw.



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