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Half Life : ALYX . Code not working


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Hi all. I purchased my COSMOS Elite a couple of days ago and having so much fun with it.

I did post this on another section of the forums but i believe this is where it belongs.

It says I should have gotten a code for ALYX inside the box. I did use the Viveport Code that is on the big blue card when you open the box. (in photos) This gave me 2 months of Viveport Infinity.

I am looking for feedback for anyone who used this same code and managed to get ALYX. I keep getting told by support that the code in the box give the Infinity unlock as well as ALYX. If anyone has managed to get ALYX this way, can you tell me how it was shown or delivered. Was it through Viveport, Steam or something else? Did you get sent a code?

I hope you can help. Cheers

code blanked.jpg


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