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Vive stuttering frames


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 Hello had my vive since it first came out, but have moved and never set it up for about 6 months. Set it up the other day so I could get Half Life and I am getting bad frame rate/stuttering on the face display. The Monitor display is perfectly smooth. It used to run just fine in my old place, the only difference in my set up being I upgraded my graphics card. For example in half life alyx when I move my hand with the headset on the are pretty jerky, but when I poke my eyes under a bit and look at the monitor everything is very smooth. Ran a performance test that looked horrible on the display but again fine on the monitor and it gave me a good score. When I run the graph under steam vr I get a lot of yellow and red lines with a few purple in there.

My set up is

i5 4690k, 16gb ram, nvidea 2070. 

And yes I made sure all the drivers were up to date and such.


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