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Seeking out Vive VR Developer for headlining Indie VR project


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Hi all. As a designer, I have an idea, but I’m seeking to make it come to life. I hope this is the right place, as I am new to seeking out Developers myself.

I’m looking for an able person to do the following:

Recreate an artistic rendition of a preexisting room / environment from a photogrammetry model

Character Development (2 minimum)

Real time motion tracking VR rendering that  follows face, fingers, body, arms, legs.

Ability to render two different people in environment at the same time. 

If video source needed, system must be able to input data source from numerous camera to capture entire room.

The idea is secretive and cannot be discussed, however it will require time, interest,  and innovation. Any seasoned Dev looking to take up a new project, please, message me or email me: maxwellb@live.unc.edu so that we can further discuss the project.

If you know of any other viable way to find Vive Developers, please inform me. I hope everyone is safe.

This idea, by the way, definitely could be pioneering something bigger long term. Profits will continue past work done.


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