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controller and jittering issues after update


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Hello guys.

I'm the recent owner of a htc vive pro eye system. I may say I am happy with the device. At least in the first two days, when all was fine.

Then, two days later the steamVR said I need to upgrade all devices, which I did. Usually I dont do that, but I tought this must be done because steamvr pop up that message all the time.

So I did the update for controllers, basestations and for the headset. Now, I sense a bit of increased jittering of controllers and headset even if the basestation are on the same locations, and another strange thing, when I charge the controllers they are always stuck on orange led. After 3-4 hours of "charging" if I power on the controller and poweroff again, the led is white again like before meaning the controller in charged but I need to do this all the time, otherwise I don't know if is charged.... being stuck on orange...

Is there a way to revert the upgrade to the factory settings like before? Or to minimise the jittering? For example if I put the controller on the ground still have small movements....



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@dflorin77 I have a Vive Pro (not eye) w/2.0 base stations/controllers and I find that after some of the many SteamVR updates (I'm usually opted to Beta) I need to re-do the room setup.  Plus I need to re-calibrate each controller (right click on controller icon on SteamVR window and select calibrate).  This usually fixes things for me.  If this does not help make sure that your base stations are firmly mounted and that there are not any reflective surfaces in you play space.

As far as charging the vive 2.0 controllers go, I have always seen the same as you.  As long as I've charged them for at least 6 hrs I never worry about this.  When you are in your SteamVR void you should see that they are fully charged (4x dots).

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Thanks. Tom,

I did the room setup, I'll calibrate everything again to see if this makes all better like before. 🙂

Regarding the charging, yes, is not a big deal, but before the update I was able to see the white led whithout any issues with poweron/poweroff thing. So, something is fishy in that update. 🙂

Thanks again.

ps. half life alyx is just insane. Only for this game, beat saber and google earth the investment was the best thing I did 🙂

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@dflorin77 You might also want to try the SteamVR developer menu and select Large space, put a controller on the ground in the middle of your play space, and then select it.  I've found that sometimes this helps as well. 

As much as it's a bit of a pitas I think it's still worthwhile to be opted into the SteamVR beta.  You do this by going to your Steam library in your desktop , right click on it , go to the beta tab and opt into beta.

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I have the same issues since I've updated. Never had a problem with Half Life Alyx before, but now it starts jittering after I play for a while, and the screens start to flicker when I load a save game. Also have the same charging led issue.

Have you been able to fix these issues? I'd like to downgrade but I can't find a way.

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@skalders unforunatelly I did not find any solution to downgrade. I'm quite unpset, having out of the box a good system and then using their "last" update which was made to improve the overall system they made it acutally worse. Now I have the most expensive htc vive which can be playable more than 2 hours without a headache.

@TomCgcmfc I was already in the SteamBeta, and tried all the new-pair new-calibrate, new-everything. Only to format my drive and reinstall everyting is what I did not do, but I doubt this will solve anything...

hopefully a reset to factory settings or downgrade in firmware is possible but we don't know yet...

Is hard to play half life for ex. when my hand shakes like having parkinson disease.... 😞 

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@dflorin77 - Valve controls SteamVR, SteamVR Tracking, and 2.0 base-station updates, not HTC. I've experienced the exact opposite in many cases, the default firmware is really early firmware and I've always had really bad tracking with 2.0 stations out of the box until they're updated. There are two likely scenarios that you should consider first:

  • You'll want to ensure that each basestation is on a unique channel. If you don't have the Bluetooth management enabled, you could have two stations on channel 1 but they'd have no way to report back to SteamVR to display an error message. You should explicitly check the stations and ensure they're on different channels.
  • You could have a reflection in your playspace. To detect reflections, generate a system report or open up the SteamVR web console and search for the term "back-facing". Here's an example of what a reflection looks like in the logs/web console:
    • Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session
    • I personally find that 1.0 tracking is a little more robust when it comes to handling reflections but then again the 1.0 solve algorithms are 3 years more mature.
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