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Half Life Alyx Code Not Working


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Similar problem to:

Got my vive cosmos elite, and after fixing various technical problems, it now works excellently. I am very much enjoying the headset. However, when I went to redeem my code (the one in the box, in the same spot as photographed in the linked thread ^) there were 3 options. One for just alyx, one for just viveport infinity subscription, and one for both. Obviously, I clicked both because why not (free stuff right?), anddd only viveport subscription appears in my account inventory. Apparently this seems to be a somewhat common problem, so I was like "okay, I'll just contact support". Thoroughly unhelpful. According to them, the code is "either or" despite HTC's own website (https://www.vive.com/us/promo-half-life-alyx/) saying "Get Half Life: Alyx with purchase. Plus 6-month VIVEPORT Infinity membership. Digital code included in box," and also the fact that there was a redeem option for both on their website for my code. If someone could help me who can actually help, I'd really appreciate it as they said I had to wait 7-10 business days for this to get passed along to someone who could (and the guy in the thread I linked got it resolved in less than a day).

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