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Vive Room Setup & Cosmos Elite


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Just an FYI the program installed as "Vive Room Setup" with the Cosmos Elite is actually the version that's expecting to use inside out tracking and as such I had to basically reinstall the system when I replaced/moved one of my Lighthouses and the floor level was set 20cm below my real floor. It'd be fantastic going forward if you could make it so the software detects which tracking system to use based on the face plate installed when it detects a Cosmos and recognises also that it should be looking for the Vive controllers not the cosmos controllers that would make re-calibrating just that little easier

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@JohnyDL - It already does this? You shouldn't be able to access the "Vive roomsetup" application from the Vive console without the correct faceplate installed. The option in the Vive console should be greyed out and inaccessible and if you were to somehow manually launch it, it wouldn't proceed without the optical face-plate. 

If you don't have a valid lighthouse roomsetup SteamVR would detect that and automatically launch the prompt.

I use both an external tracking faceplate as well as the optical tracking faceplate on my machine and have never had conflicts. I have have both a lighthouse tracking roomsetup and an optical roomsetup and can switch back and forth between the two without having to re-run setup.

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I ran Vive Room Setup from the start menu. I have a Cosmos Elite, so it's installed with an external tracking face plate. However see the screenshots that I'm shown that completely ignore this fact and in fact gets stuck at the 100% load time in the last screen shot

StamVR Room Setup on the other hand is launched at the end of the Vive Setup program and today, as I generated this feedback I discovered I can launch this from within the SteamVR Menu while the headset is turned on without going through all the here's how to set up your base stations, here's how to plug in your headset, here's how to pair your controllers that I don't need to do again.








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