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@Dobieg2002 - Yes, you just have to repair the HMD to the PC within the Vive Wireless console at the start of each session. That's usually a 10-30 second process max - it's pretty quick. Just start the pairing prompt on the PC and when the wireless adapter starts flashing green - press the button on it and you're set.

This is actually how we handle HMDs at our offices. Each common VR-PC has a wireless adapter and we just pair HMDs to the PC's wirelessly as needed and it's really smooth. It even works if you're using different HMD types (i.e. Pro, Pro Eye, Cosmos). Think about how much cabling you avoid if you're dealing with 10+ headsets like we often were. Most of the PC's I manage are actually in locked boxes so you can't plug a flashdrive into them and the wireless adapter really helps with security on that front.

I would just recommend having each wireless adapter set up to output on a different one of the 3 channels to eliminate any potential cross-talk.

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