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Purchased today. Worried about reviews. Should I return it?

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I've been looking for a Rift S, but as they are all sold out in the UK, I saw an excellently priced Vive Cosmos kit, and bought it straight away.

Now upon reading more deeply about the headset I'm really concerned I've made a mistake, and should return it.

I'm reading about inability to play in too much or too little light, and white rooms, and that the tracking is very poor, especially with controllers in front of the face, and while improved by a number of firmware updates, is still unacceptable.

I've also read that the Elite version is superior and the cosmos can be upgraded, but it seems odd to have to pay hundreds of pounds more to fix something that doesn't work out of the box.

I realise this is a Vive forum, but please in all honesty, should I return this and not even bother and just wait for the Rift to come back in stock?

I see there was a new firmware to imporve tracking on 31st March, but have not seen any reviews.

Please can someone advise me have I made an expensive mistake?!

Thanks a lot :)

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With the latest updates, I think it's safe to say I don't think you've made a mistake. The tracking is vastly improved from its initial state and while there can be a few random occurrences of the controller flying away due to occlusion, these instances are few and far between for me. Ultimately, it'll depend on what you play. I play Beat Saber (poorly) with no issues, Boneworks works great now with the latest update, Half-Life:Alyx was GOTY and played really well for me. 

In the end, I think it's worth it to give it a shot. If you're interested in the superior tracking, then you may want to invest in the Elite kit. However, the Cosmos as it stands now in my opinion is acceptable for use without the additions of the base stations. 

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htc vive cosmos---- est inacceptable  injouable sur pavlov vr--onward vr--kingspray.graffiti vr--surv1v3 vr--contractor vr

rien et précis en + il mette jamais de mise a jour 

il son trop concentré sur le cosmos élite plus chère et accessoire 

moi je ne joue  plus au cosmos je reste sur mon oculus rift qui et beaucoup plus précis et moins chère 

le cosmos et très bon juste pour les simulator --euro truck --assetto corsa-- gta 5 --bigscreen beta--war thunder

et le home du cosmos et toujours aussi nul




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