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Left Speaker Not Functioning Vive Pro

R3D MessiaH

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Just recently bought a Vive Pro on ebay. First experience with VR, AND HOLY SHIT IS IT LIFE CHANGING. Fast forward literally 5 hours from unboxing....and I notice no sound from the left speaker. I screw around in audio output settings, reset link box, etc etc etc and no luck. Anyways, I let my wife mess around in Beat Saber and she wears glasses so I pulled the lenses back a bit from her face and now the speaker works! Slide it back in, and no audio again. Tf? I took the speakers off, messed around with the link cable a bit (thought maybe pinched at headset end?). No luck. I'm getting frustrated, and I don't want to accept the fact my thousand dollar VR is broken and I would really rather not wait the weeks it'll take to get repaired through HTC. So I had some thoughts, could it possibly be the link cable? I don't want to spend $60 on a stupid wire if its not the issue, and if that WAS the issue, I'd most likely buy the wireless adapter regardless. Anyone with some knowledge on the inner workings of these things that can guide me to a fix?

TLDR; left speaker not working when lense is slid in past the second 'click'

Cable "kink"

Short YT vid of cable

Photos of "speaker connection"

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@R3D MessiaH - It's always hard to troubleshoot a used HMD since you never know what you're actually getting. The most common way to fix this kind of issue would be to unmount that headphones, clean the contacts, and then remount the headphones taking extra care to ensure that it's screwed in tightly but not too tightly that you start to strip the screw. You can also try flexing/bending the part of the headband that the audio cable routes through (the part of the headstrap between the headphone arm and the HMD itself). That can help temporarily close open circuts and future help you isolate downward.

If the speaker were blown - it would probably still be able to make some sort of distorted noise so I'd lean towards it being a wiring or physical contact issue. The audio is digital - there would be no benefit from

It's also important to go in and check to make sure you don't have a balance issue in window's audio settings. That can cause this.

You can alternatively take of the headphones completely and use a UBC-C->3.5mm adapter to hook up your own headphones. The Pro originally comes with replacement caps for those who want to use their own headphones - not sure if those would have made it into your kit but they're mostly aesthetic and not technically required.

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I'd generally advise against buying any used HMD unless it comes with a factory/reseller warranty. People are way harder to their VR equipment then they realize and it's something you bang around, sweat into, ect... HMD's and very similar to cars in how they depreciate in value and how wear and tear plays on them.

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