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NEW cosmos jackpot façade traking 219 euro


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🥶 bonjour voila encore de l argent je pense que c est une mise a jour lol

      façade de tracking externe vive cosmos+++++++++++219 euro sans les moves


      je calcule cosmos 799 euro + façade tracking 219 euro+ les moves 2x150=300 euro donc le total est de 1318 euro

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They might be " Abetter deal " for us cosmos users.

But i know this wont be happening so i guess there lawyers are working on how to get around it when when they will get sued for fraud, and for selling  unfinished product/ broken.

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un geste commercial car on attend vos mise à jour les une après les autres mais rien changer le suivi est nul 

 a commercial gesture because we are waiting for your updates one after the other but nothing to change the tracking is null and void

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