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Vive Controller Suggestion


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The Oculus Rift has come out with its touch controllers, and they are all about the "Touch" part of vr. Vive is clearly the most immersive experience on the market, (room scale, controls, etc.) but the current controllers are all about grip. That is the only thing in my opinion oculus has over vive, but updates can be made. The way Vive utilized the fewer use of buttons was wonderful; you might say it was revolutionary! But after a look at the controller up close, it was frigging huge. But it was still beautiful nonetheless. I believe that with a slight moderation, the controllers will create a "Touch" experience eventually. The laser sensing technology is most definitely used in a most genius way, and can be utilized yet again, but in a (smaller) circular fashion at the tip of the grip of the controller, but the portruding grip will have a smaller touchpad, trigger, and buttons, ideally above the touchpad. If you have been browsing flipboard, wired, etc. for the world of vr, you will find various news of controllers on the market for mobile vr. The Finch Shift controllers are coming out in the holidays in 2017, extending htc vive and oculus gameplay to mobile vr via the osvr app. Feel free to look them up now for reference, as you will need it for the impending info. These controllers use joysticks, two triggers on the underside of the grip, and a large array of buttons above the joystick (Finger controls and targeting, if I'm correct.) Instead of the joystick, the touchpad. Instead of 5 buttons, three buttons: the system button, the menu button, and the track button (Which will be explained later.) Instead of the two large triggers on the underside, a small portruding trigger that can be found on the modern controller. Now, this is not just a plan to downscale the modern controller. No, the advanced laser tech would most definitely be used, downscaled, and on the underside, a tracking system like that of the leap, the leap, or the vive-track: a finger tracking system for a "Touch" Instead of "Grip" experience original to the Vive. (hopefully a haptic feedback system in "Track" mode)


- Again, this is just an idea for the future of the vive controller, and I only suggest it for the enhancement of the immersive experience and for those who wish to encourage it.

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Hey ! Thanks for the feedback... I hadn't heard of the Finch Shift controller, so here's some more details I dug up for anyone else in the same situation. Above is their concept/demo video, and below are some images of what the controllers are supposed to look like...






Click to make bigger. 


The Finch Shift idea is more than just controllers, of course - it's about streaming from PC to mobile, apparently, which is interesting.


Have you seen the prototype controllers that were shown off at Steam Dev Days? Here's an article on it, and imagery.







What are your thoughts on one versus the other? 

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Although I did not participate in the Steam Dev Days event, I am happy to help by giving my opinions on your latest product. If this is a developer prototype, then I am sure that the consumer version will look a little more refined than just the flat out tech. That is what development versions are for, after all! But still, I believe that the "Touch" version should resemble the "Grip" one to a certain extent. I love how seamlessly you replaced the open circle within the laser sensing loop with the touchpad, but I miss the little divots used to perform laser sensing. Without them, I feel it resembles more of the Finch or a wii nunchuk without a joystick instead of a Vive controller. Touch controls? I certainly thought that the finger controls on the Oculus and Finch were cool, but still a bit excessive. To point at someone, give them a thumbs up, etc. is definitely a cool feature, and I believe Vive can use it even with its lack of buttons. I feel that it should be kept simple, but just simple enough to be able to click a thumb button and know for a fact that that is what you are doing. Are the three symbols in front of the touchpad more sensitive than they look? Is the touchpad used for hand gestures? Maybe there could be hidden buttons that still have an outline designated to where the fingers would normally be when gripping the controller correctly. For example, there could be a button in front and above the trigger that you could tap with your index finger in order to point. Of course you'd be able to turn those buttons on and off in "Track" mode (it'd be accessible in the system menu).


Something I believe the Finch controllers utilize well is the arm tracking instead of just hands floating around in space. Star Trek Bridge Crew is an Oculus game that assumes arm tracking, but look at this! A tracking bracelet just above the elbow, offering a very immersive experience. Games like job simulator, the brookhaven experiment, and pretty much every game Vive has to offer does not support arm tracking. What Vive does offer in the realm of immersiveness is the way you see things while wearing the headset. I have tried headsets like the Fibrum, Bobo VR, and VR box, and despite the terrible graphics, and how you have to stare at the zombies to shoot them, I believe that the Finch tech could possibly make an impact on the world of mobile VR. Using the laser tech that the controller normally does, couldn't we create an optional accessory for arm tracking? With an adjustable wristband and the loop tracking method, Vive could concivably beat Finch to the punch! I know people are antsy for Vive updates and I think this is a place where Vive can overcome Finch.


The Finch controller is definitely a sexy piece of tech, but I believe that the Vive controller can utilize the same functions, but do it in a simpler, even more innovative way.


Hope this helps!


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