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Cosmos Elite (VR Creation Apps)

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What would be the best Apps or combination of Apps to use for creating 3d models.
I normally use several Apps such as Blender (already training myself on Murai plugin), GIMP, Substance Painter.

Anyone have any other suggestions, that allow me to create in VR and export industry standard models.

Industry Standard = Low Triangle poly count.

A lot of sculpted creation programs generally export at extremely high poly count, and would require too much work to cleanup.

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I've looked into it a little. I'm not sure if anything I've found would get you standard models but

Google Tilt Brush -> Exports to Poly.google.com (and maybe as other files too)
Autodesk -> has VR features suppoted I think including Maya LT (video 1)
Mind Desk -> Though features I don't know too much about
Make VR -> Seems to be free, been thinking about trying it myself (video 2)


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BlenderXR is the same person making Autodesks Marui plugin
Guess it's the best then.
Just gotta wait for additions of Properties on a wrist window, and Texture drawing.


autodesks maya plugin

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