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White Dot While Playing

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Hello all,

I just finished setting up my Cosmos Elite (very easy, simpler than I expected!) and started tried to play a few rounds of Pavlov. The tracking and all the in-game stuff works fine, but there is a white circle that is constantly in vision.

I've tried resetting everything but it still appears. I think it is an issue with the lens since it appears in the headset and not on the in-game screen presented on my computer monitor but I examined the lenses and don't see any damage. 

Did I set up something wrong or was it damaged in shipping?

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@nemuri_no_kogoro -

  • Is it in one of the eyes or both of the eyes? Is it on a specific part of the panel?
  • Can you please take post a screenshot from the Vive Console -> Video -> Mirror VR Display
    • This shows the video feed that's being piped to the HMD with all of the various layers
  • Can you please post a "thru lens" shot of the dot via your smartphone or something so we can see the problem in context?  🙂
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@nemuri_no_kogoro - both images are of the left lens so I can't compare the behavior across both panels. It's super weird that you're seeing it on both panels - there are two separate LCD panels inside of there

The Cosmos has a wider facial interface that our previous headsets. If light is leaking in through gaps around the edges, it can concentrate onto the lens and form a circular reflection. I've seen that pop up a few times as the source of similar issues but I'm not sure that's related here.

Did this happen straight out of the box or did you notice it after a few sessions?

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Yeah, the fact both had it surprised me too. I will take a picture of both tomorrow after work just to confirm.

This was straight out of the box; received this afternoon.

I will try and mess with the lighting just in case it is leaking in somehow.

Is it possible the lenses were burned? I looked up other lense issues for other headsets but those burned lenses usually were black or oddly colored, not this pure white orb stuff

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@nemuri_no_kogoro - Funny that you mention that, I actually suspect this could be a burn from direct sunlight as well, it's the only thing I can think of that could leave a dot on both lenses. I've personally only seen sun damage on OLED HMD's - the spot tends to get white before it turns purple/brown/black. I'm not super familiar with sun-damage patterns on LCD HMDs to comment on the likelihood of it matching that. Here is an example of a damaged Rift S LCD that's showing partially as a white dot.

Do you think there was a chance it got exposed to the sun when you took it out of the box?

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I don't believe it had any sun exposure; my play area is generally dark (one of the reason I went for the Elite over the regular Cosmos) and I opened it all indoors, so there shouldn't have been any direct exposure.

The picture you linked did look similar though; perhaps it was scorched somehow during manufacturing?

In any case, though, it seems my best bet is to use the warranty and send it back for repair/replacement, right? Not much I can do on my end as of right now.

I took pictures again of both lenses this time. Suprisingly the right white Dot was a lot harder to photograph for some reason!



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