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Leaderboard user name vs. User.GetUserName()

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When grabbing leaderboard entries with UserStats.DownloadLeaderboardScores(), -> UserStats.GetLeaderboardScore(i) -> data.UserName, I get a different value for my own user than when retrieving the user name with User.GetUserName().

My aim is to highlight the current user in the the leaderboard, but to do this I would need to be able to compare the user-in-leaderboard-entry with the logged-in-user. However, the User class does not give me the correct user name, and the leaderboard entry does not contain the user ID.

Is there anything I've overlooked here? Is there some way of getting the leaderboard user name from the User API, or the user id from the Leaderboard API? And why are the two names different anyway? Where can I actually SET the name used in the leaderboard?




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