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Droolon Cup - Eye Tracking VR Contest

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Submission Deadline Extended!

   Our engineers are working with 7invensun to ensure that the eye tracking firmware works smoothly and efficiently with the SRAnipal SDK.  Once, this SDK and firmware are fully tested and ready, we will notify you again on where to find them.   And provide the final submission deadline. 


We're inviting you to participate to the "Droolon Cup" Eye-tracking VR content development competition where more than $80,000 worth of prizes await!

It is a contest for VR developers sponsored by 7invensun, co-organized by HTC and with technical support from NVIDIA. In this contest you are expected to combine an HTC VR headset (Vive Cosmos, Vive Pro, Vive Focus Plus, etc) and the Vive Eye Tracking SDK(SRanipal) to develop VR eye-tracking applications. 7Invensun is the company behind the eye tracking modular kit Droolon F1 that is compatible with all HTC headsets and will loan Droolon F1 kits to selected teams.

More details:  https://www.7invensun.com/hd

Resources to start using Droolon F1 (SRanipal SDK for Droolon F1 + Instructions): 

Registration Deadline: 31 May 2020

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Submission Deadline Extended
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For those using the Droolon F1 kits, please replace calls to SRanipal_Eye_API.IsViveProEye() to return "true" for now in order to use the SRanipal SDK. Currently it's just 2 references in SRanipal_Eye_Framework.cs

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If you have issues with the calibration process when using the Droolon F1 kits, please check this forum post and try the recommended steps to solve the issue.

Also if you start the Calibration Process and can't move beyond the 1st stage(HMD adjustment), try the following:

  • Try using a different USB slot for the cable that connects the Linkbox with your PC 
  • Try removing some devices connected via USB from your PC
  • Make sure USB Devices in the Device Manager have Power Management-->Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power set to unticked.
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It took an entire day of troubleshooting but I finally managed get it to work. Is anyone even using the Droolon F1? There are a number of mistakes and unclear instructions in the SDK. Please fix this otherwise every developer is going to get stuck. Here's what I did:

1) Download and extract Cosmos&VIVE&VIVEPro_SDK&Document(DC) from 7invensun's website

2) Run VIVE_SRanipalInstaller.msi

3) After installation, copy the entire SRanipal folder contents into C:\Program Files\VIVE\SRanipal, overwriting all files. The files from the installer do not support the Droolon and will not work.

4) Start SR_Runtime. In Steam VR's menu start eye calibration

5) After successful calibration, import DroolonF1-Unity-Plugin.unitypackage into Unity

6) Copy the Plugins folder (except openvr_api.dll) from SRanipal_SDK_7/FaceGym/FaceGym_Data/ into your Unity project ViveSR/Plugins overwriting the existing. The ones in the unitypackage are outdated and will not work.

7) Open and run the EyeSample_v2 scene and hopefully everything works!

@Jad, @MariosBikos_HTC

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   Hello Droolon Cup Contest Entrants,

This is the Final Call for Contest Submissions. 

Make sure that you’ve submitted your app by October 17, 2020.

In order to post your final submission you will need to publish it to the Viveport Developer Console Beta Channel. The title must be designated as “Beta Published” in the console to be eligible. 

The Beta Testing channel will allow you to share your title with our judge panel. These are the panel email addresses to add as beta testers:








These emails are associated with Viveport accounts and when accessed add the contest apps to each judge’s account library. 

We look forward to seeing your applications and innovative use of eye tracking. 


The 7invensun and Vive Teams


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